Adelaide 4WD and Adventure Show

Chat to YouTube star Ronny Dahl on his latest 4WD and camping adventures!

Ronny Dahl is living the dream!

Ronny spends all his time camping, 4wdriving and discovering new places – and creating films as he goes along for his popular youtube channel!

From humble beginning as a bloke in the bush with his own video camera, Ronny has amassed an audience of over 186,000 subscribers on his youtube channel and gets more than 1million views each month; and now produces a weekly program that he streams through his channel to more than 85,000 viewers. These days he is recognised by fans across Australia, and now has a team of people he travels with to produce his video content.

Ronny Dahl has made a name for himself for his honest product reviews, and now has almost 170,000 followers on his youtube channel. A 4 wheel driving enthusiast, Ronny loves the thrill and challenges of 4x4ing, as well as just getting out to see the beautiful and remote places our country offers which a 2wd can’t get to

His love of the outdoors is something her shares with others. Ronny says finding your own adventure is all about having fun.

He says you don’t need all the gear, just get yourself the basics, make sure you’ve got a 4WD and a sense of adventure and you’re set to go. But most of all, just enjoy the amazing country we have on our doorstep!

Ronny has plenty of stories and tips for getting out there, so have a chat with him at the Show!

Ronny Dahl can be seen on youtube at or check his website