Adelaide 4WD and Adventure Show

Special Guests

Shaun Whale

4WD 247

Shauno’s never owned a vehicle that’s not a 4WD. The passion began as a youngster driving around in his Grandad’s old HJ47 LandCruiser on the farm. His first 4WD – a Suzuki Sierra taught him a lot of great lessons at a young age: basic mechanics, patience and just how much fun short wheel based 4WDs are on the tracks!

Jock McDonald

4WD 247


Jocko is the kind of bloke that’s more comfortable flexed up on 3 wheels than at a traffic light in the city. He lives and breathes technical, tough 4WDing – he’s either wheeling hard tracks in one of his Toyota HiLuxes, or at home in his shed fixing them for the next trip. Jocko will be a the Show this year for the first time, so come and say g’day!

Jase Andrews

All 4 Adventure

Jase Andrews, host of the hit TV show All 4 Adventure, is one of Australia’s leading outdoor, camping, fishing and 4×4 experts. With a lifetime of experience travelling through some of Australia’s most rugged and remote regions, Jase has captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide as he shares his knowledge and his experiences in his typical down-to-earth Aussie spirit!


Ronny Dahl

4 Wheeling Australia


Ronny Dahl is recognised for his youtube channel 4 Wheeling Australia, which is dedicated to offroad 4wdriving, travelling and camping. 4 Wheeling Australia’s videos and social media posts focus on Ronny’s tips for off-roading; opinions and reviews of different products and vehicles; and his favourite destinations in the beautiful Australian outback which he visits in his 79 Series Landcruiser or his Troopy. Ronny Dahl has become a household name among 4wdrivers, and his honesty and authenticity is what sets him apart. His love of adventure, his respect for the natural environment, and his captivating photography and video images continues to keep his viewers coming back for more. Ronny is one of the presenters on Channel 7s The 4WD Adventure Show.

The Duck

Oz Off Road TV
Radio presenter Robert Smith (aka The Duck) took inspiration from his own – and other people’s – outback travel to start the Duck’s Camping and Offroad radio show. The Duck’s Camping and Offroad Adventures is now a podcast going through 263 stations across Australia and internationally, meaning listeners around the world tune in each week to hear his stories. The Duck’s program features regular guests and celebrities, industry news, and of course tales from The Duck’s own outback travels. With today’s technology, he is able to take the radio show on the road and broadcast from anywhere, which adds to the show’s authenticity. And of course being able to broadcast from his campsite wherever he stops is truly living the dream! Catch the Duck on the Engel Bush Camp Stage at the Show.

Jamie Hazelden

The Australian Bushman

If you’ve ever watched an outdoor TV show, you’re sure to recognise Jamie Hazelden, the Australian Bushman. A published Author and Outdoor Adventure presenter, Jamie Hazelden has captured the hearts and minds of fellow adventurers. Having worked for many years on TV shows, Jamie now spends his time travelling and recording his adventures for his own channels. Jamie will be at the Show this year as MC of the new Madventure Overland Stage, and will be sharing a few of his camping and 4WDriving tips!