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Explore with Trackabout Campers!

Trackabout Off Road Campers are not only an industry leader in design, innovation, quality and service but are also one of the longest standing Australian manufacturers in off-road camper trailers. What once started in 1998 as a small business based in Brisbane’s southside, has not grown into a manufacturer that provides off-road campers nationwide and beyond. Trackabout is 100% Australia made and owned, all still built from the ground up in the same factory for 21 years.

Introducing the new Explorer!

Small on the outside, big on the inside. The Explorer has room for everything you would need; from weekends away to touring around Australia’s roads for months on end. With 2200 litres of storage including organised kitchen storage, a large pantry for the whole family, dedicated clothing drawers and a large front toolbox for that bulky camping gear.

Both the Explorer and Extenda trailers come with arguably the best camper kitchen on the market thanks to its convenient layout and abundance of bench space. Gourmet kitchens make camp cooking simple and easy with everything at your fingertips.

Camping doesn’t have to be a chore! You can set up as little or as much as you like in under 3 minutes thanks to our patented modular design with inbuilt awning poles. It is called the Touring Tent for a reason, purpose built with easy set up in mind.

The Explorer design is based on maximum storage and minimum footprint. It is only 1.5m in height and 4.6m long, perfect for those tight off-road tracks and then compact enough for storing when you get home. It weighs only 950kg dry tare and has a ball weight of only 80kg, so you have a payload of up to 1050kg! It is built to be full off-road; this camper will go anywhere your car will go. Take it down Gunshot, go the Gibb, our campers are built to last.

Even though the Explorer is smaller you can also still get all those awesome accessories or upgrades onto your Explorer. A tilting boat rack than can take up to a 3.7m tinny, your kayaks, paddle boards or even just some extra luggage! An outboard carrier, bike racks, independent suspension. the list is endless! Build your camper to suit you and your family’s needs!

You can see the new Explorer and many more at the 4WD and Adventure Show this year!

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