Adelaide 4WD and Adventure Show

Get offroad in the new Cruisinator!

The 4WD and Adventure Show is pleased to welcome Bonetti Campers to the Show this year; and excited to see them launch the awesome new Cruisinator®!.

Based on a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, the Cruisinator bears some passing resemblance to a KEA Conqueror, an offroad camper produced by the then KEA Campers (Australia) which ceased production about five or six years ago.

This original design was used as a concept, but a considerable number of changes and improvements were made during the design process to make the Cruisinator what it is today.

The camper conversion is based on a Landcruiser 70 series, the Troop Carrier, which as everyone knows is a real offroad vehicle. The essence of the camper conversion is that part of the original roof is removed and a new fibreglass framework for the base and a lid with an insulated sandwich structure added. The basic roof conversion includes a slide-out bed, mattresses, scissors, gas lifters and gusset complete with windows. In keeping with modern trends, USB charger points are located in various places, as are tank gauges, 12V circuit switches and battery monitors. The optional Foxwing awning on the passenger side completes the setup.

If offroad exploration and travel is the goal in a fully self-contained vehicle that isn’t too large, then the Cruisinator is a winner! The Land Cruiser supplies the 4WD ability and the Bonetti Campers conversion does the rest for a great camper designed for (relatively) light weight travel in all kinds of road conditions.

Bonetti Campers can convert any Series 78 Troopy you may already own and are happy to assist with a new vehicle setup; so make sure you speak to them at the Show!

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