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Get to know Robert Smith from The Duck’s Camping and Offroad Adventure Show!

Radio presenter Robert Smith (aka The Duck) took inspiration from his own – and other people’s – outback travel to start the Duck’s Camping and Offroad radio show. The Duck’s Camping and Offroad Adventures is now a podcast going through 263 stations across Australia and internationally, meaning listeners around the world tune in each week to hear his stories.

The Duck’s program features regular guests and celebrities, industry news, and of course tales from The Duck’s own outback travels. With today’s technology, he is able to take the radio show on the road and broadcast from anywhere, which adds to the show’s authenticity. And of course being able to broadcast from his campsite wherever he stops is truly living the dream!

The Duck is one of Australia’s great characters and we love having him as part of the 4WD and Adventure Shows. Recently we caught up with him to ask a few random questions, so here’s the results of “Getting to know The Duck!

What car do you drive?

550 V6 Navara, but currently doing a big build on new Hilux including performance upgrade.

What was your first 4WD?

40s series Landcruiser tray back with timber floor that had seen much better days. A bit like me now.

What’s your hidden talent?

Not many people know I play the drums, actually used to teach it. Also play Bongo Drums fairly well. I do my best on the harp, I think I sound better after a few beers though. Have always loved playing music.

What are you the worst at?

Although I work in radio and have my own studio, probably technology. I am hopeless and I make an iPad look like a paving brick.

What makes your radio show /podcast so successful?

Probably because we don’t take ourselves to seriously, we only talk about destinations, camping, exploring outback and regional towns, 4WD tracks, fishing and top end fishing. We don’t talk news unless it affects the Aussie traveller and we don’t talk politics. Someone else can do that. We now broadcast on 263 stations with over 100,000 people downloading the podcast. I guess you call it successful. I don’t really think about that stuff, but if the stations still like it, it must be OK. We try and make it fun!

What place haven’t you been to that you want to? 

The Gibb River Road

What’s your favourite destination?

Hmmmm, tough one, I love the Channel country and Nth QLD, but for me it has to be the NT. Especially the Top End, love it, could live there tomorrow

What are you looking forward to at the Sydney 4WD Show this year?

Catching up with some mates, working on the Bush Engel Stage, but the whole event itself It’s a great show, I love it!

Tune into KIX Country Radio Perth on Digital DAB, download the NEWS Talk Sport app and listen Friday and Saturday afternoons), or listen to the podcast here: 

You can also follow The Duck on Facebook.

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