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Revolutionary product taking Australian boating to a new level

The Catch’n’Release Anchor Retrieval Device has been around for just a couple of years, and already has gained major national attention.

Designed, manufactured and sold by Cairns couple Peter and Margaret Powell, the Catch’n’Release Device is simple, effective and extremely simple to use; but most importantly, will have long-lasting effects on Australian waterways.

Margaret and Peter Powell have become minor celebrities since they launched the Catch’n’Release Device, having appeared on TV’s IFish with Paul Worsteling, and on Channel 10s The Shark Tank. But it’s their passion for the environment and their love of boating that really keeps Margaret and Peter focused!

“We designed the Catch’n’Release device specifically for passionate and environmentally-conscious boat owners like ourselves,” Margaret said. “It is a product that can prevent and seriously reduce the impact of stuck and lost anchors in our waters.”

“Stuck and lost anchors do a considerable amount of irreversible damage to the reef every single time. Some well-meaning people opt for a plastic cable tie setup to support retrieval, but this, in fact, makes matters worse, by polluting the ocean with non-degradable plastic waste.”

“The Catch’n’Release device promotes reduction of ocean-floor damage, takes seconds to use and allows for a safer boating experience,” Margaret said.

The Catch‘n’Release Anchor Retrieval Device provides the safest and most sustainable way to retrieve your anchor. Specifically designed for recreational vehicles, the device is easy to attach and in just seconds the anchor is pulled up the same way it went down.

The device is designed to be used every time you head out on the boat and serves to protect precious marine habitats by minimising damage while promoting a safer boating experience.

Australian made and backed by quality designs and engineering, the Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval system is here to get your anchor back, protect the reef and make your day on the boat easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Peter and Margaret are proud to say they have never met an Anchor that they couldn’t dislodge with the Catch ‘n’ Release Anchor Retrieval Device. They will be at the Adelaide 4WD Show / Club Marine SA Boat and Fishing Show demonstrating the product, so make sure you come and check it out!

Find Catch’n’Release on Facebook or visit the website to find out more!